W Dubai is an International Private Entity founded in 2005 in Dubai

With varied interests in the field of Real Estate, Construction, Aviation, Investments, Retail and International Trading


Building Long Term Relationships

We built up relationship with network of reputable and reliable clients and partners, which have been founded on referrals reputation and integrity

WDubai was founded in 2005 with a business associate from the UK, initially with some ‘start up’ capital for real estate investments which was starting to boom in 2006, whilst also using some of the ‘start up’ capital for capital raising investments in mining projects, one in Saudi Arabia and one in Australia, as we felt that we wanted to be in the commodities sector, due to projected value increase in the precious metals sector

W Dubai is the first UAE Company to invest in Hungary’s second largest city Debrecen.  I spent two years visiting both Hungary and Debrecen scoping out potential investment opportunities and getting to understand the prevailing business culture and ways of doing business in Hungary. We made our first investment in Hungary in 2011 and opened our first commercial development in March 2012 to great fanfare

It is W Dubai’s goal to delight its associates and partners with its long term returns, where focus is on sustainable development across a broad spectrum of markets, whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards. The cornerstone of W Dubai is growth, as international markets and global economies develop, then W Dubai aims to develop in tandem with these markets/economies, whilst seeking to gain competitive advantage of the investment opportunities or asset classes, which present themselves.

W Dubai’s vision is to conceive, develop & manage and develop quality assets and projects, which yield good stakeholder returns. W Dubai philosophy is to foster and grow the relationships with its associates, with a view to adding mutually beneficial value to the assets and projects it undertakes. W Dubai’s approach to business is founded on ethical trading, transparency and enriching cultural relationships.

W Dubai aims to be a culturally diverse group of companies, which seeks to attract, retain and reward the brightest talent. With extensive combined experience across international and local markets, W Dubai aims to capitalize on its intellectual capital, where its perspectives and judgments will provide competitive advantage across its target markets of real estate, investment, asset management, private equity, environmental services and retail


Strong Local Relationships & Knowledge Is Our Sucess

Our goal is to delight our partners with long term returns, where focus is on sustainable development across a broad spectrum of markets

  • Infrastructure Development & Construction

  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises and Management

  • Investment in Agriculture & Industrial Enterprises and Management

  • Property & Real Estate Business

  • Aviation & Transportation

  • Engineering, Oil & Gas

  • Commodities, Foodstuff, Local & International Trading

W Dubai is a diverse group, with activities ranging from construction, foodstuff’s, real estate, equities, mining, aviation and commodities. We are active in a number of countries including Hungary, Romania, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Sudan, Indonesia, along with the GCC countries. The diversity keeps the business interesting as you are not solely concentrating on just one thing.  Similarly with the diversity of the W Dubai companies, it is almost a natural hedge as when one market is up, another market maybe be down which allows for us to balance our businesses.  Obviously you always want to be in markets that are buoyant, but markets and the global economy have been difficult to predict for the last decade

 UAE trade policy and business environment has helped W Dubai enormously. The UAE geographical location is a tremendous benefit from both an infrastructure and transport links perspective. Many people come to the UAE to do business and it is a very pro-business culture here.  The support from ministries such as the MOFT has proved invaluable to W Dubai and has greatly increased our awareness of doing business on an international basis.

W Dubai first started to venture into international business in early 2006, we realized as a company that through our international business network that we had the potential to both make and execute strategic investments outside the UAE.In a way, it was a conscious way of hedging our exposure to the business and investments that we had made in the UAE and therefore, felt like it was a natural move.One of our most successful ventures was through WMI Investments, which was established to carry out our investments in the mining sector


Our Group Comapnies & Subsidiaries