W Dubai Headquarters

W Dubai was founded in 2005 with a business associate from the UK, initially with some ‘start up’ capital for real estate investments which was starting to boom in 2006, whilst also using some of the ‘start up’ capital for capital raising investments in mining projects, one in Saudi Arabia and one in Australia, as we felt that we wanted to be in the commodities sector, due to projected value increase in the precious metals sector.

We had a clear initial exit strategy with some of our early investments/ventures in that, it involved getting at least the principal capital back after a period of time, whilst still leaving some equity in the investment/venture.  This at least secured our cash flow/outlay as we could begin to see that other global economies were already struggling in 2007 and that there were tougher times ahead.  As with any investment/venture, it’s about when to get in and when to get out.  


The headquarters of W Dubai are in Business Bay, Dubai.  It’s near the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall and is very convenient for meetings, near a Metro station and central for most activities. The Dubai Business Bay development was envisioned to make UAE a global commercial and business centre, the Business Bay is a new city within the city of Dubai and is created as a commercial and business cluster along the new extension of the famous Dubai Creek extending from Ras Al Khor to Sheikh Zayed Road. Developed and managed by Dubai Properties, a member of Dubai Holding, Business Bay is a central business district in Downtown Dubai, featuring numerous skyscrapers located in an area where the Dubai Creek has been extended. The Business Bay comprises of 230 buildings, attracting commercial and residential developments including the Burj Dubai.

The concept of Dubai’s Business Bay is similar in nature to Manhattan or Ginza, which are the business centers for the cities of New York and Tokyo. The legendary Dubai Creek – an important aspect of Dubai’s trading past that have shaped Dubai from a fishing and pearl diving center to international port; has been extended considering its significance as a trade centre that harbors the stance of Dubai as the business hub of the region. Business Bay is a symbol of Dubai’s progress as it embodies the crucial role the Creek played in Dubai’s past as well its future.

It is W Dubai’s goal to delight its associates and partners with its long term returns, where focus is on sustainable development across a broad spectrum of markets, whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards. The cornerstone of W Dubai is growth, as international markets and global economies develop, then W Dubai aims to develop in tandem with these markets/economies, whilst seeking to gain competitive advantage of the investment opportunities or asset classes, which present themselves.
W Dubai’s vision is to conceive, develop & manage and develop quality assets and projects, which yield good stakeholder returns. W Dubai philosophy is to foster and grow the relationships with its associates, with a view to adding mutually beneficial value to the assets and projects it undertakes. W Dubai’s approach to business is founded on ethical trading, transparency and enriching cultural relationships.
W Dubai aims to be a culturally diverse group of companies, which seeks to attract, retain and reward the brightest talent. With extensive combined experience across international and local markets, W Dubai aims to capitalize on its intellectual capital, where its perspectives and judgments will provide competitive advantage across its target markets of real estate, investment, asset management, private equity, environmental services and retail.

The primary focus of W Dubai is enhancing its relationships with its stakeholders and partners to deliver value and quality. W Dubai has built a strong network of local and regional network of contacts in order to facilitate its business. Its local expertise and presence, positions it to provide the highest quality services to its clients & partners.

Our Subsidiaries & Group Companies

Javco Aviation Consultants & Management Services

Javco Aviation Consultants is playing a major role in the Aviation consultancy field in the region with number of satisfied customers and Airline companies

End to end aviation solutions

Javco Aviation provides complete management consultancy services to the air transport and related industries. We are specialized in providing various services in the aviation industry

Trent Technical Services Company

TTS established in 2009 as a Project Services Company, offering Commissioning Management, Validation, Mechanical & Electrical Testing processes

Mission & Vision

At Trent Technical Services, our primary objective is to grow and achieve recognition and status for our commitment to deliver an unparalleled service, quality always within time & budget

Middle East Energy Enterprises

Middle East Energy Enterprises specializes in Supply Chain Management of Agri Foods, Commodities trading, Energy & Various infrastructure projects

Company Profile

Middle East Energy Enterprise was established in the year 2006 in Dubai. Our Vision is to pursue the reputation of excellence and trust.  We provide high quality products & services in the region

WMI Investments & Group Companies

Our team of consultants is our most direct link to our investors. They listen carefully to our investors’ needs. We look forward sustainable Investing for the Long Term

Infrastructure Investments

Established in 2014, WMI investments is a full-service property investment company that helps high-net-worth investors add the strength of global real estate to their portfolio.